Parts Unknown Trailer Park Shirt – You Know It All !

parts unknown tshirt trailer park boys


GB Parts Unknown Green T-Shirt XL

What does it mean when I say parts unknown? For a layman, I must be blabbering something. But the very mention of the word brings me the thought of Bubbles from trailer park boys. More importantly, the joyous evenings spent watching the TPB movies. And yes, it was all with my core friend group. I cannot remember the day when  I started liking the boys. Most probably, the liking dates back to the TV series. You can still watch some of the episodes on YouTube.

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The parts unknown tee is on  my list. I am still stuck on the bubbles and kitties one from last month shopping. With the days getting warmer, my demand for new shirts gets a little more power. Just one or two a month will not put the earth in peril. Someone may my dad understand! The good news is that we will be going out for on a mega shopping spree soon. And I have my list for trailer park merchandise ready. Let’s see how much of a success it is this time.