Sunnyvale Trailer Park Shirts – The TPB Style Ingrained In It

sunnyvale trailer park boys shirt

sunnyvale trailer park boys shirt


The term Sunnyvale has a special value for all trailer park boys fans. It is the place where all the TPB fun begins. I get the same feel when wearing a Sunnyvale trailer park shirt.

However, being informal in nature, the usage is restricted in many places. I do wear it during my classes amidst a lot of finger pointing by teachers. Why can’t they appreciate the fan spirit?

The best thing about the whole fan stuff is that my dad is supporting me. I don’t have the saving pocket money attitude to get a new shirt when it arrives. Although the costs are not too high but still it helps when your dad is a also a TPB fan. The only thing I need to do is not to neglect studies.

My friends complain that their parents are not so appreciative of the boys. Of course, the spirit of freedom is not seen as a virtue. My idea is to gift them a Sunnyvale t-shirt and let them decide. On a good note, I finally got the black tee that I was looking for. My weekend parties are certainly going to be interesting this time.

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