T-Shirts Of Trailer Park Boys Deserve That Extra Amount Of Care


T-Shirts Of Trailer Park Boys Deserve That Extra Amount Of CareIf there is one thing that most of us love in the collect in the wardrobe, it has to be t-shirts. There is something unique about them in the sense that you just cannot have enough. Trailer park boys t-shirts have a huge fan following. In fact, you would find it pretty difficult to get the original fan stuff. They release only a few number of memorabilia which are sold almost instantly at the time of release. However, t-shirts are a different commodity. From Mr.Lahey liquor prints to Ricky quotations, the boys from Sunnyvale have almost cast a spell on us.

My first impression of the TPB took place almost two years back when I was watching one of their movies. It was perhaps the most entertaining time of my life. The time spent watching the DVD with my friends flew in a jiffy. And then I sensed that somewhere down the line, I was looking for the same Sunnyvale humor in my life, not the same as in the film but in spirit. That’s when I got the Bubbles and Kitties tee which still occupies my cupboard ( I have maintained the shine with some good hand washing efforts)

If you have never watched the movies or the TV series, the meaning behind the quotation based trailer park shirts will not be so clear. You might find them funny but the real fun begins when you are familiar with the characters.

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